About Me


Despite my best efforts, it would appear that the adage “A pictures is worth a thousand words” doesn’t apply to biographies. Perhaps the failure of photos as my biography is that there are very few to be found; after all, I’m usually the one with a camera in hand. 

This is not entirely surprising, as I’ve been practically inseparable from some type of camera - starting with an old, fully-manual film SLR way back in high school to my current top-of-the-line overly-complicated 2.5lb digital beasts - for nearly 14 years. 

I started out shooting for the school yearbook, progressed to photojournalism for the local newspaper, moved to the East Coast and freelanced for various media and then moved to the West Coast where I started my own photography business (this one!), three years later moving back inland and settling in Canmore at the heart of the Canadian Rockies. 

Nestled between majestic peaks, Canmore is a mountain-sports haven and since moving here I’ve launched fully into my other passion - climbing. I first started climbing way back in 2000, but didn’t get truly hooked until four years later, when I spent every spare second climbing in the gym or bouldering along Nova Scotia’s granite coastline. 

With the Rockies as my backyard, my focus has shifted to winter and alpine climbing, when even in the height of summer I can retreat to a world of snow and ice. 

Back down at home in the Bow Valley, I focus on event photography, specializing in photojournalism-inspired documentary coverage of weddings and conferences.